Friday, March 2, 2012

What if....

So I started thinking yesterday morning....

What if:
- I could walk around every day without this anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach?
- my chores didn't feel like heavy burdens but just stuff that was enjoyable to do?
- I never worried about what I was going to eat because I simply enjoyed eating healthy food within reason?
- I looked forward to going for a walk, both for the exercise and the enjoyment of being outdoors?
- I quit trying to please other people and concentrated instead on pleasing God?

What if all those things became realities in my life?  In time, I would be a healthy, fit, contented person.  All the energy I currently spend on worrying about myself and feeling sorry for myself could be spent on more productive pursuits.

Even as I considered these possibilities, I felt some of the anxiety melt away.  I must have read that verse in the Bible about not being anxious a thousand times, but never really considered that it might be something I could actually do.  I mean really.  Not be anxious.  Think about it!  It'll blow your mind.

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    I love this. You're right. It's a good scripture to let soak in. The word that speaks to me is "nothing". It's easy to make excuses and cling to the things that I think it's ok to be anxious about. It just makes me take a deep breath and let some things go. Thank you for that.

    Loved our talk this morning. I'm so happy that God brought us together to be friends as adults. An incredible blessing.

    Love you,
    Your sister


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