Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weigh Day - Total Loss: -4.6

I lost a whopping 0.2 pounds this week!

I have spent most of the day pep-talking myself.  I followed my plan.  I didn't even use all my "weekly" points.  I exercised.  I made sure I followed the "healthy checks" on eating a balanced diet.  The scale doesn't always show what's going on.  Sometimes you're losing inches and not pounds (so I took some measurements).  Maybe it's water weight.  It'll show up later.  Don't give up.  Keep working the plan.  Don't be discouraged.  Keep exercising.  Your body's in shock.  The weight came on slowly so it's going to come off slowly.  It's better to lose it slowly.  At least I lost something.  Hang in there.  Life isn't a straight line, and neither is weight loss.

How'd I do?  Did I miss some pep talk phrases?

This isn't me.  This is Kim Bensen, who lost 200 pounds in two years doing Weight Watchers.  If you want to see what she looks like now, check out  It's pretty remarkable!  She has progress pictures that she took every couple of months or so, and what got me about them was that it was quite a long time before you could start seeing a real difference in her looks.  It helps me to see things like this because I need to know that this is going to be a long, long journey.  I've started down this road so many times that I know what kinds of pot holes are coming only losing two tenths of a pound in a week, or (heaven forbid!) gaining a pound when you've done everything right.  But knowing she achieved her goal shows me that it is possible for me to achieve my goal!  Two tenths of a pound at a time, if necessary.

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  1. Keep up the good work! Rah Rah Rah! I know that it is possible for you to reach your goal because you have reached so many goals--gifted, published author (Avon books, Ladies' Home Journal, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and more), gifted quilter, guest for a full episode of "Simply Quilts" on HGTV (your hands didn't even shake!), quilt teacher and designer, singer (all parts from 1st soprano to alto), songwriter (not YET published), beautiful guitar player, interviewed to be on The Today Show, or was it Good Morning America? (I can't keep all your accomplishments straight!), entrepreneur and accomplished purse maker, folder extradinaire (you make a quilt look like it was folded and pressed by a machine!), organizer, accountant, office manager, mess-straightener-outer, pianist, flute player, bell ringer, wife, mother, friend, good listener...I know I'm leaving out a lot of things! But most of all to me you are an encourager, supporter, spiritual mentor and my precious sister.
    I love you with all my heart!


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