Monday, April 23, 2012

Look Who's Cooking Now!

I am cooking.  And loving it!

It has been SO LONG since I've enjoyed cooking...if I ever did.  But I found some great low-carb cookbooks and have been using them for the past week and a half.  Made menus even.  So far there's only been one recipe that I didn't absolutely love.  Tonight we had Lemon Caper Chicken with Lemon Zest and Garlic Broccoli.  Yum.  This is not the boring low-carb I used to do.  Every night is a new adventure.

Cooking and enjoying the food I'm making is a major step for me in making peace with food.  I'm even making peace with cleaning up afterwards.  I used to have a hard and fast rule that if I did the cooking, someone else had to do the dishes.  But even the cleaning has become a joyful activity! 

I guess somewhere along the way some parts of me got broken.  I'm not sure I'll ever understand the "why" of it all.  But I'm glad that I can still enjoy the healing that comes from putting my trust in God.  I feel His love all around me, guiding me, nudging me to try new things.  It's even getting to the point that I'm more excited about these other changes in my life than the weight loss! 

Okay.  Maybe just AS excited... 


1 comment:

  1. Hi Cindy,

    You are a new creation! "The old has gone. The new has come!". Can't wait for our retreat! You can do the cooking!

    Joy joy joy. :) have to get ready to go to the airport. Talk to you tomorrow!

    Your sister


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