Friday, October 19, 2012

Falling in Love with Food

Something is happening.

Today I had the strangest thought.  Since I have to eat three times a day every day for the rest of my life (more or less), why not make the best of it?

Why not make preparing all those meals a "How healthy can I make this?" game?  Why not put time and effort into making the most out of the food available to me?

To most of you, this may seem rather obvious.  You may be thinking, "Isn't that what she's been doing all along?"  Not really.  I've gone from eating only frozen, pre-prepared diet meals and eating out to dappling in cooking my own meals to...this.  This idea.  This crazy, life-changing possibility of a new way of looking at food.

It occured to me that I spend a lot of time on other things:  learning to speak Spanish (un pocito), shopping, quilting, reading, and let's face it -- watching tv -- but I haven't spent that much time or attention in my life on learning how to do what might be one of the most important things I can learn to do for my physical well!  I have only wanted to eat when I get hungry, and a lot of times I just want food to magically appear in front of me, like it did when I was a kid and my mom was the one doing the cooking.

Hmmmm.  This does seem rather obvious.  Yet, for me, it's somehow new.  I can only hope that beginning to think this way is part of my overall healing of whatever came before in my life that caused me to get out of balance in the first place. 

Turkey burgers, spinach salad, and baked sweet potato fries for dinner!


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  1. Hi Cindy,

    I like the sounds of this "crazy, life-changing possibility of a new way of looking at food"! Joy and blessings to you as you continue to be transformed!

    Your sister


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