Thursday, October 18, 2012

The View from the Top

Here's a statement I thought I would never make:  I miss being able to exercise!

One of the hardest parts of getting through my recovery has been not being able to move around without feeling totally exhausted after about five minutes.

I'm not a die-hard exercise person.  I enjoy an occasional stroll, or my walks in the pool, but I don't hit the gym or train for marathons or anything like that.  However, I am realizing that losing weight had put a spring in my step and and enjoyment in moving around that I had not experienced for most of my overweight, adult life.  Now that the spring is temporarily gone, I'm missing it!

This is a good thing to know. There's much more at stake here than fitting into a smaller size.  I don't want to be old and unable to do things like get myself up out of bed or even up out of a chair because I am so unfit and heavy.  Losing weight, learning to eat in a healthy way, and incorporating exercise into my life are all hard things to do, but SO WORTH IT!!!!  I want to experience that view from the top!  I want to be able to climb that hill!

I need to remember that the choice is mine.  I can choose to stay on my plan, write down what I eat, and make healthy choices.  I can remember that sometimes all I'm going to be able to see is the next step, not the fabulous view.  But each step takes me closer to the life I long to live, where I can bounce down the street in time with the sunshine.



  1. Hi Cindy,

    Haha--"bounce down the street in time with the sunshine." We should write Patsy Clairmont and tell her what an impact she's had on our lives!

    I LOVE this picture! Beautiful. And I'm so amazed that we were on the same page today--both talking about just doing the next thing, taking the next step.

    I love you and I love having you as a friend :)

    Love you!
    Your sister

  2. You always amaze me with your insight. Every time I read your blog, it gives me some new way of looking at our journey!


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