Thursday, December 6, 2012

And the dance goes on...

I guess I really did feel like dancing!

Yesterday I went to Los Angeles with some of my good friends to see a taping of the Dr. Phil show.  During the pre-show audience warm-up, they offered a Dr. Phil Mug to anyone brave enough to go down to the stage and dance....

and I did it!

It was SOOOOOO much fun!  Afterwards, I felt a little mortified.  I wondered what had come over me.  It's not like a needed another mug (although for some reason the promise of getting one was oddly motivating.) 

But I guess I did need to dance.  To celebrate life!  To sieze the moment!  To live the experience!  I needed, for once in my life, to say, "To heck with what anyone might think!" and just enjoy myself. 

Later, a very lovely woman who was in the audience with us told me she wouldn't have done that if they had offered her TWENTY mugs.  But it wasn't about the mug.  It was about breaking free from past fears that I used to avoid by consuming mountains of mashed potatoes and gravy and little powdered sugar donuts.

I used to believe that I had to "get perfect" before I could participate in life.  I dont' feel that way any more.  For one thing, none of us is perfect, or ever will be.  If that's the goal, then that's what we think about.  We're always apologizing to each other because our hair wilted or we have a stain on our shirt.  When we do that, we're focusing on ourselves instead of experiencing what life is offering us during that moment.  No wonder we we spend so much time feeling like life is passing us by.

Honestly, I think that all of us want to dance!  I recommend it highly.



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  1. Congratulations Cindy, on breaking through the perfection barrier! So much more fun than thinking you can only do things when you can do them perfectly!


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