Tuesday, December 11, 2012


And here it is:  another lesson from my devestating weekend!

Everything we do... everything we say... matters. We influence those around us, even when we don't realize that we are influencing them.  And how we live our lives (i.e., everything we do, everything we say) affects the people around us...for good or for ill.

So every time I crab about something or someone to a friend, I'm either discouraging them because I'm being so negative, or I'm encouraging them to be a crab too.  And every time I do or say something positive, I may be encouraging someone who needs a little more "positive" in their life. 

Even in trying to be positive, there's a danger that we might be criticised (the words "goody two shoes" come to mind.)  But I, for one, would rather err on the positive side than the negative.  Or, as a dear friend once told me, "Err on the side of grace."

I'm feeling much better today.  I know that I will continue to fail in many ways, but I also know that life goes on and we almost always have a chance to try again...to choose better next time.  I guess it's the same with my behavior as it is with my eating.  If I mess up, the solution is not to keep messing up, but to try again.  Oh, yeah, and allow for the fact that I am going to mess up.  Messing up is not the end of the world; it's a course correction.



  1. Ahhhh. New mercies every morning. How wonderful to read your words this morning.

    I hear a song ringing in my head. It is the sound of your voice, along with your family, singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness" at Mom's memorial service. Did I ever tell you that I overheard someone saying, "Your should have heard Mary's sister and her family singing at the service!" That is so amazing, because everyone was singing that song together!

    Joy and love to you, my precious sister!
    Your sister

  2. P.S. Great picture, by the way. Sheep really do that--follow each other off a cliff. And we're called "sheep" over and over in the Bible. You're right, better to say, "Not this way!" and turn away from the cliff than to jump off and have others follow. Thank you for your words!


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