Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I feel like dancing!

It looks like I am finally losing again!

After a long walk in the dieting desert, those numbers are going down again.  Not a lot, but today I'm at least a pound and a half lower than last week.

The diet intervention is working!  I'm loving the Bistro MD food (for the most part).  Especially nice are the convenience and time savings, which is one of the reasons I chose to do it during this busy season.  Because of other things going on in my life today and tomorrow, I'll be eating "regular" food, and I'm actually wishing I could have the Bistro food.  I like it, and surprisingly, it's even saving me money!

Another reason to be happy today:  it's Weight Watcher's Day!  I love Tuesdays, because I get to go to WW and see all my good friends there.  It truly is the high point of my week.  Who would have thought?  I didn't even want to go to those meetings!  It's hard to believe I've been going to them for almost a year and half.  What a joy!

All this gives me HOPE.  Life change IS POSSIBLE!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!



  1. I'm looking at Snoopy doing his happy dance and thinking how much more appropriate this picture would have been if posted today! Premonition? :-)

    1. Hahahaha! I had actually forgotten about this post, but obviously I really did (and still do) feel like dancing!


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