Monday, September 26, 2011

Party Gets a Bad Rap

I went to a party and I wantcha to know,
I didn't pig out and my plate did not o'er flow.

I had myself some goodies and I had myself some fun,
It wernt about the food, but being with everyone.

It was a time to celebrate,
I had a good time,
It was a time to celebrate,
I had myself some wine.

The party wasn't far, just a half-mile away,
We decided to walk 'cause it was such a pretty day.

It was a time to celebrate,
to talk and to laugh,
I had myself a cookie,
But I ate only half.

I counted up the points for the mac and the cheese,
I wrote 'em in my book, and said "Thank you" and "Please."

It was a time to celebrate,
There with my friends.
Now the party is over
And this is the end.

1 comment:

  1. If only I could offer
    Such cleverly-worded prose
    Then I would be a scoffer
    And dance upon my toes.

    And now as everyone can see,
    She is the poet and not me. :)

    Love you,
    Your sister
    P.S. Check your email :)


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