Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I feel like this bear.  And I think my butt is about the same size.

I've been working very hard getting a property ready to rent out.  Painting.  Cleaning.  Packing.  Moving.  Squatting.  Climbing.  Sweeping.  Pruning.  Rinsing.  Caulking.  Hiring.  Waiting.  Hurting.  Soaking.  Sleeping.  Sighing.

I keep telling myself this will be over soon!  But there are times I don't think it will ever be over.  The progress is too slow.  The work is too hard.  It's too much for me!  And then I realize that losing weight is very similar to this project I've been working on.  It requires consistent effort.  Sometimes I really struggle with being hungry or wiped out from exercise.  Occasionally I see glimpses of progress, but it all seems to go too slow and I can't see the end. 

And yet, I know the property project will get, if not finished, at least to a point where we can put it up for rent.  In a way, it will never be finished, because that's life.  Just keep on doin' what you need to do.  That's my life in eating now too...just keep on doing what I need to do.  Even when I reach my goal weight, I won't be finished taking care of myself.  I might get tired along the way and I guess that's okay.  I just hope my butt will take up a little less room when I collapse on the occasional rock.

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  1. Haha! You are so funny! The average adult female polar bear weighs between 400 and 800 pounds. I think we can be certain that your butt is taking up way less room than this bear's! I love your list of "ing's". You are also "Losing"!
    Loving you,
    Your sister


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