Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weigh Day - 46.2 pounds gone!

I seem to off the eternal teeter-totter!

All I have been doing since we got home is counting my points.  No exercise to speak super-healthy vegan days.  In other words, effort of any kind can yield results!

The message for me in this is to Do Something.  Every little bit counts.  Consistency--and not perfection--appears to be the key.  It's impossible to do it all perfectly anyway.

I'm having an "AHA!" moment!  Whenever I have tried to go on a diet and do it perfectly, I beat myself up for every little slip and imperfection.  Then I told myself I couldn't do it, so why even try?  And I quit trying.  For years I kept trying to diet making my goal having to do it perfectly.  And for years, when I failed at perfection, I quit trying at all.

But now, through God's grace, I accept that I am not perfect in any way and He loves me anyway.  He has already forgiven me.  Now I am learning to forgive myself.  The only one who benefits when I believe the lie that I have to perfect is the evil one.  He is the one who tells me that lie in the first place.

So, thank You, Lord God!  Your grace is boundless, Your mercy is amazing, Your love wraps around me and holds me together!  Amen.


  1. Hi Cindy,

    WooHoo for 46.2! Fabulous!


    for losing weight during the holidays,
    for losing weight while you were sick,
    for losing weight on a long road trip,
    for losing weight no matter how many church pot lucks you go to,
    for losing weight every single week since you started this journey!

    I think you're right--counting points counts!

    I'm thinking of a verse, "Woohoo! I will say it again. Woohoo!" but I think it actually goes, "Rejoice in the Lord always! I will say it again. Rejoice!" Phil 4:4. Praise God for your continued progress!

    Love you!
    Your sister

  2. Cindy, I certainly identify with your words about perfection! I had not thought about "the lie" that way. It is true. Thanks for your insight and sharing your journey. It is helpful to all. Here's to our good health! Best wishes for continued success! Lucy


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