Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Active Link

This is a new gizmo from Weight Watchers.

You clip it on to your clothes and wear it all day and it tracks how much you move.  The idea is to plug it into your computer at the end of the day and it syncs with your Weight Watchers account and posts how many activity points you earned for the day.  Supposed to be more accurate than guessing from a chart of activities.

So I, aka "Gadget Girl", had to try it.  The first week is an assessment period.  You wear it all week (even in the's waterproof) and then plug it in.  The program then gives you a goal to try to achieve in the next 12 weeks, activity-wise. 

My assessment ended yesterday.  Plugged it in and found out I wasn't even burning enough calories to meet the baseline...the amount of activity you need to break even with your food points and not gain weight.  Kind of explains my 8-tenths of a pound weight gain last week!  The challenging goal set for me was to try to earn ONE activity point a day.  In other words, in gadget-speak, MOVE IT GIRL!

So yesterday I tried to move more.  I cleaned house.  Went to the grocery store.  Threw  in some Wii "Just Dance" dances for about forty minutes.  And when I plugged the ActiveLink in last night, expecting to see that I had earned maybe one activity point, I was surprised to see that I had earned FOUR!

Now this is motivating!  My result made me feel like I can do this.  I can build activity and exercise into my life without killing myself but just living my life in an active way!  It made me want to stick to my points.  It made me believe that I can get unstuck!

We'll see how it works out...especially since I've been sitting in the recliner for two hours this morning working on my computer.  But it's only 10:00am.  Lots of time to get moving the rest of the day.


P.S.  This is my 200th Blog Post!


  1. Hi Cindy,

    Happy 200th! This gadget may just be the answer to your summer doldrums! (I looked that word up..."a state of inactivity, stagnation or slump." Sounds perfect to me!)

    I'll be curious to hear how you did today! Loved talking to you this morning :)

    Love you,
    Your sister

  2. I feel your pain ....... At least I have tracked for three consecutive days now. Of course, I find myself wanting to go to bed at eight o'clock just to stay out of the kitchen.

    Pam.......somebody explain how to post on this thing other than Anonymous!

    1. I think if you sign up as a follower, and maybe also create a Google account, it will work..I hope!

    2. Reply as: Name/URL Click on in drop-down box.

      Type in your name (no need to fill in URL) and press "Continue" Your name will now show in the "Reply as" box.

      Click on "publish"


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