Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good News - Bad News

So the good news is, I only gained 4 tenths of a pound...two sticks of butter...over my vacation.

The bad news is, I ate an entire bag of multi-grain pita chips on the way home from the grocery store!

I almost feel like I jinxed myself when I blogged about truly having created a new lifestyle.  Eating food on the way home from the store is an old, old behavior for me.  If I wanted to, I could give you a pretty impressive list of reasons I did it this time.  But, what would that accomplish?  The reasons to eat uncontrollably are always there, for all of us I imagine.  What I am trying to learn is how to overcome those situations when they arise, and make new choices.

For now, I am being accountable.  One bag of pita chips.  Twenty-four points.  Recorded.  But, I didn't have the nerve to get on the scale this morning. 

This is never going to end, is it?  There will always be pita chips calling my name.  This must be why Weight Watchers teaches to eat you don't feel deprived and go nutso over those favorite foods.  I am beginning to understand that some foods will make me more nuto than others.  Sigh....

Yes, it's hard.  But just because something is hard is no excuse for giving up.  I do not want to go back to the land of Pig Out Party.  So, I start again.  I wake up, make the bed (another new behavior for me) and make a healthy breakfast.  I record what I eat.  Go for a walk.  Get busy with today.  Take one more step on my journey to the land of New Life.  Thank God for my family and my friends.  Feel grateful that His mercies are new each morning.  Life is hard...but it is still a gift to enjoy.


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  1. Hi Cindy,
    At least they were multi grain! Sorry if I may have had any part in the pita chip party.

    Check your Mary mail. News from Colorado.

    Tomorrow is another day!
    Love you,
    Your sister


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