Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The feasting continues

We were invited to a post Christmas brunch yesterday. I admit, I've been worried about it. But when we got there I was relieved to see a big platter of fresh fruit and even a spinach salad with no dressing to go with the quiche and croissants. The quiche was crustless--another bonus. So after eating a modest portion of quiche with a half of a croissant and generous helpings of spinach and fruit, I felt confident, in control, and yes...I'll say it...downright pleased with myself. That's why, when our host passed around a plate of cookies for dessert to go with a very small serving if ice cream, I said to myself, Why not?

After brunch I noticed the empty ice cream container in the kitchen. Haagen Dazs. Still, I didn't panic. How many points could it be? It was only a small serving.

How many points?  How about EIGHT? I have had entire meals that were less than eight points! The grand points total for brunch: twenty-one. The ice cream tasted good, but it wasn't worth it. That one tiny serving of ice cream accounted for more than one third of the calories for the entire meal. Looking at it anther way, that one little scoop of ice cream was 25% of my calories for the entire day!

It blows my mind. WW is not about deprivation, but about enjoying food.  But I have learned that it is much easier to enjoy food when you know that what you are eating is not only delicious, but good for you. And now I have learned that innocent-looking little servings of "something" may not be so innocent.

I'm grateful that we had healthy choices at the brunch to offset the more fattening offerings. I'm grateful that throughout this holiday season I have continued to lose weight, even if it has been slow going. I'm grateful that the New Years Eve party we are going to is a potluck, and I will be able to bring something healthy and delicious to share. I'm grateful that the season of feasting is almost over!

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  1. Yes, soon everyone will be moaning and looking at you and saying, "Why wasn't I careful like you were?!" Sounds like you have much to be grateful for, even if that ridiculous ice cream was 8 points for a bite!

    Love you,
    Your sister


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