Friday, December 23, 2011

Rude Awakenings

It figures.  Just when I think I've got a handle on this, and that my body has adjusted to eating less...BAM!  HUNGRY DAY!  Yesterday was absolutely miserable.  Every time I ate something, it was like dropping food into a black hole.  I felt even more hungry than before I ate!

Every morsel of food in the house that I am so careful about weighing and measuring started calling my name.  I am not talking about the apples and bananas here, which have no WW points value.  No.  I'm talking little red potatoes.  "Mash us!  Put butter on us!  Make some gravy!"  Tortilla chips.  "We're yummy.  We're salty.  Look...there's some picante sauce."  Pasta.  "We'll be ready in just a few minutes.  Boil some water.  There's a can of marinara behind us.  Come on!"

Thank God I didn't have any little powdered sugar donuts.

I decided to eat, but made a bargain with myself that I had to record every bite.  I had an extra Lean Cuisine.  I made some mashed potatoes (without butter).  By the time my husband got home after work, I only had 5 points left for the day.  I usually have 12-17.  It's possible to eat a 5-point meal, but that wouldn't do!  I dipped into the seldom-touched Weekly Points and just had my normal dinner.  What a day!

The whole thing was a little scary.  But in a strange way, it was also a little comforting.  I'm normal.  I'm not a super-hero dieting genius.  What I'm doing here isn't easy.  I'm going to have days that are harder than others...from Now On.  Everybody has them.

I've been so focused on negotiating around the Christmas feasting, I had forgotten some of these truths.  Today my appetite has settled down, and my morning bowl of oatmeal has left a nice, full feeling in my tummy.  I hope I don't have another Hungry Day for a long time!


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  1. Hi Cindy,

    Well, this is good news to me because it turns out you are just normal! And as nearly as I can tell, you did not go off your plan--you just used some weekly points that are there for just that. You did not go out of control. You counted everything that you ate. So even your difficult day was a success! So as always, you are my inspiration!

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

    Love you,
    Your sister


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