Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's Talk About Feet....

I'm having a hard time buying shoes.

Used to be, all my shoes were special order, extra wide square things.  But my feet are changing!  No...they are not morphing into cat feet.  They are, however, getting smaller and less square.

I've been doing some serious walking, and even my favorite walking shoes with extra socks are getting too big and causing blisters.  So I need new shoes so I can keep walking so my feet can keep getting smaller.

I guess.

This body changing thing is kinda freaky.  Yes, it's what I'm after.  Yes, changing my body is why I started this whole journey in the first place, eleven months ago!  But the reality of your body changing is sometimes hard to deal with.

I've lost over 60 pounds.  That's half of a normal size smallish person.  A whole child.  Several cats.  I don't miss the pounds, but I'm finding it a bit challenging to get acquainted with the smaller person I am now, when it comes to the day-in, day-out business of walking around in the world and living here.  One of my friends at WW swears she has lost weight in her ear lobes!  My rings are all too big.  I think my head is even a little smaller! 

In all the diet books I've read, I don't ever remember anyone talking about struggling with getting used to being smaller.  Maybe I'm strange...or maybe my sharing these feelings will help another person on this journey when they start feeling goofy about their shoes falling off.  That's why I'm writing this post today...for that person.  I'm hoping that someone is out there, because then I won't feel all alone in this particular circumstance.  We can cheer each other on, and up, and out to the shoe store for some shoes that fit!



  1. Candace Hibbard LillieJune 28, 2012 at 10:11 AM

    Buying Shoes. WOW! This is a good thing! I always sympathise with the young men who change from my height to more than six feet tall in a matter of months...having to adjust suddenly to a whole new perspective and being clumsy because they were simply not prepared for the adjustment. WHile we can see your point, we are NOT feeling sorry for you. We just share the wonder and excitement of the New You and the idea of Life As A Small Person. Heh heh....

  2. I totally agree! I also find it difficult to wrap my head around the fact that I am so much smaller than before. Just as I never really saw my true self in the mirror when I was heavier (I never knew I was THAT big!), my mind can't comprehend how much smaller I have become. I can definitely see SOME changes but am still surprised to see my reflection in a window...that couldn't possibly be me! All we can do is count our blessings as we continue on our weight loss journeys and enjoy the new world of "normal size" shopping!

  3. Hi Cindy,

    Finally on my other computer.

    I see a need for a book, a chapter in a book or an article! I like Candace's title, "Life as a Small Person"!

    You know that the square feet are a little hereditary... Maybe you can hope for a rectangular version.

    Love this post and you,
    Your sister


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