Monday, November 19, 2012

Day One of "Diet Intervention"

Saturday, we received two very big boxes of frozen foods from Bistro MD - one for my husband, and one for me.

We're doing the "Five Days a Week without Snacks" plan.  That gives me Tuesdays to chow down (in a healthy way) with my WW buds, and Sundays.  Of course, this week is the whole Thanksgiving thing, but I'll figure that out when I get there.

Anyway, we started this morning.  I'm excited.  This past week, after my dismal showing at my Tuesday weigh-in at WW, and knowing that the Bistro MD food was coming, I quit tracking my food.  I didn't pig out, mind you, but did allow myself to eat a few things that I knew I'd be avoiding in the coming weeks.  Nothing crazy.  So this morning when I stepped on my own scales for the first time in a week, I was prepared to see a little bit of an increase.

Imagine my surprise when I saw I lost 1.4 pounds!  I'm taking this as a good sign for what's to come.  The next six weeks will be like a little weight loss adventure.  After Christmas, I'll review what's going on and decide where to go from there.

It's a funny thing about intervention.  Sometimes, it's welcome.  I'm glad to know that five of my days each week will be very structured.  For a season, I will be free from the stress of wondering what I'm going to eat next.  Don't worry--I'm counting my points!  In fact, I've already put in the points for today's three meals (since I know what they are) and found that I have four points left over for snacks.  With fruit and vegetables being free, four points is plenty to get through the day.

So.  I'm ready.  I'm determined.  I'm optimistic!



  1. At an absolute minimum, this sounds like a welcome break! It will allow you to eat and still be busy with the holidays. Go Bistro MD!

    Love you,
    Your sister

  2. And what a treat to not have to plan and shop for weeks. What a luxury! Maybe I should reconsider how I am spending my "me" money :-)


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