Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Never Ending

I absolutely love the change of seasons!

I especially love Fall and the beautiful leaves we get to see at this time of year.  Except when they are on my driveway.

So this morning I decided to do some physical activity by sweeping the leaves off my driveway.  My favorite way to do "exercise" is to do something that actually accomplishes a task.  Like walking to the mailbox (which in my neighborhood is a pretty good hike.)  Or, sweeping leaves!

So there I was.  Enjoying the crisp, cool, morning air.  Sweeping.  Greeting passing neighbors with a cheerful, "Hello!"  I had just gotten half the driveway cleared off, when the crisp, cool, morning air turned into a crisp, cool, morning breeze.  In three seconds, the driveway was covered again.

Isn't this just the way life is?  You think you've accomplished something and WHOOOSH!  A crisp, cool, morning breeze blows through your life and messes everything up.  There is just an every-dayness about life that we can't get around.  That's why I can never get the laundry done.  And just as soon as I get one project finished, there seem to be twenty more waiting in the wings for me to tackle.

I think this is a concept that I have always fought.  I have resented that I could never "arrive". I am always trying to get things DONE.  I have resented that I couldn't just wake up in the morning and be magically thin.  But today, something about that WHOOSH across the driveway made me smile.  Maybe the secret to enjoying life is simply in the living of it...every day.  Doing things over and over again. That includes eating right, exercising, cleaning the house, doing laundry...over and over again.  Day in and day out.  If I can find a way to do that with a smile, I think I'll be ahead of the game.


(Rest in Peace, Zig Ziglar, who passed away this morning.)

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  1. Ok. This is an article. Publish it! Love, love, love it!

    Love you too :)
    Your sister


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