Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keeping on Keeping On. . .

You know, every day just can't be filled with new and different things.  I mean, we have those mountaintop experiences, like the one pictured here, and then there are the days when you don't get to wear the three-cow-costume.  Just another day.  No excitement.  No thrill of victory or even agony of defeat.

For me these dull days are very dangerous.  Eating is something I did for years just to fill the time. It's a habit that knocks on my door when I'm not busy. 

I need down time, though.  Just have to be careful not to take that literally, and let myself feel down on those days.  That's why I posted this picture.  How can a person feel down when gazing upon such a sight?  I can't help but smile when I see my sister tap dancing in a three-cow-costume.  So here's to you, Mary, for all the joy you bring into my life...the Laugh Everlasting!  I may need my quiet time to regenerate, but I need the love and interaction of my family and friends even more.  Hugs.


  1. Wow! I'm a cow celebrity! That is a funny fun memory. I love you!

  2. I REALLY want to know the story behind the picture. Made me laugh.

  3. (From Cindy...for some reason I can only post as Annonymous!)

    Charla, when our Mom was living in the Alzheimer's home, they had a talent show. Mary asked our dad to make this costume, and she danced to Jan Boynton's "Cows" from the "Philadelphia Chickens" CD. Here are some of the words from the song:

    Cows, we're remarkable cows,
    And wherever we go it's a fabulous show,
    Oh, you know we are cows.
    That's right, we're cows!
    Such remarkable cows!
    We can sing very low,
    we can dance in a row,
    We are lovely and slow,
    Oh, you know we are cows.
    If you thought that
    all we could do was go, "Moo,"
    Then you ought to come and see what we do!
    For we are cows! (etc and so on...I'll loan you the CD if you like!)


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