Monday, August 15, 2011

Weigh Day - Total Loss: 12 pounds!

Another week.  Another pound.  The real story this week, however, is inches.  I lost several of those...must have left them in Solvang where I walked blisters into my feet on Saturday. 

I had a strange and unusual thought on the way home, after eating all those delicious meals I posted pictures of last night.  Food is not the enemy!  For so many years I've had this love/hate relationship with food.  But this weekend showed me that I can enjoy really delicious and wonderfully healthy foods if I just make the choice to eat them.  Sounds basic, I know.  This trip was the first time I was travelling and felt in control of my food.  AND, I didn't eat any of those famous Danishes--I didn't even WANT to eat one.  I did have one Danish pancake, but I counted the points (as best I could).

And maybe "as best I can" is the key.  There are still challenges to be faced:  eating dinner at a friend's house (no choices), church pot lucks, parties...THE HOLIDAYS!  Normally, such thoughts would make me go crazy with Despair and Anxiety, but I don't feel panicky at all.  That's new.  And that's good.

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