Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weigh Day - Total Loss: 15.2 Pounds!

Scale: Friend or Foe?  Well, obviously--today anyway--Friend.  Even though I weigh every day and I have been very faithfully sticking to my program, I still feel a little anxious each official "Weigh Day" before I step on the scale.  During the week, things may go up or down, but today It Counts.  There's a part of me that feels like it's not such a good thing that I am obsessed with weighing every day.  But I know, from past experience, that the first day I don't get on the scale (because I don't want to due to consuming mass quantities of food)--I'm in trouble.  What I have to convince myself of is that the scale is Friend no matter which way the results go, because it's not about the weight.  It's about accountability.  It's good to be accountable to others...such as posting my results on this blog or going to Weight Watchers meetings...but it is even more important to learn to be accountable to myself.  I need to be willing to take responsibility for my own choices.  No excuses.  No passing the buck.  Ultimately, I am responsible to God for how I take care of this body He has given me.  So here's to weighing every day and sharing that weekly on this here Blog.  Amen. 

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  1. 15.2! A big number! Congratulations! I'm wondering what weighs 15.2 pounds. 2 small cats? 3 gallons of milk? 60 mcdonalds quarter pounders? Well, whatever it is, it's a lot! I love you and am so proud of you! Now I will send you an email!
    Your sister


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