Monday, August 8, 2011

Ode to the End of a Crummy Day

O, Glorious Night!  Watch thou, as I
do tell this Crummy Day, "Goodbye."
'Twas fraught with fears, and anxious thoughts,
and hunger pangs, which hence were fought.

I learned today, what fate has shown
to me in years since I've been grown,
That stress can drive me to the brink
To want to eat so not to think!

Alas, alack, and, yes...ahah!
I've also learned to say, "Oh, Bah!
I will not eat to soothe my fears!
My troubles are between my ears!

Consuming food with zeal unfettered
will never make me feel, well, bettered!"
So, I resisted, sure enough,
from plunging in the feeding trough.

And still, the Crummy Day wore on,
While Crummy Stuff from here and yon
Accumulated with its kind
and threatened to consume my mind.

So, now, approaching end of Day,
To all that Crummy Stuff I say,
"Though weariness doth fill my joints,
I stayed within my daily points!"

Copyright 2011 by Cindy Ramming


  1. Hey Cindy,

    I am right there with you. I need to loose 90 pounds and was just diagnosed with diabetes on top of everything else.

  2. Love it! I was more thinking country western..."Mama's in prison, the cat threw up in my boot..." but I love yours! And you!
    Your sister


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