Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Days in the Condo

Scrubbing.  Painting.  Squatting.  Staining. 

I used this cat picture today for two reasons:  (1) I've been wanting to use this cat picture, and (2) it pretty accurately represents what I looked like--especially the hair--on my way home from the condo last night.

I devoted three entire days to the project of getting this place ready to rent out in an effort to Get It Done.  We're almost there.  My WW activity points are off the chart from all the gymnastics I've been doing over there, and every joint in my body is crying out for mercy.

Some will say that we're putting in too much effort for a rental.  It HAS been exhausting.  But I am reminded that we are to do everything as if unto the Lord.  (Col 3:23 - "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men," NIV84)  I'm guessing that applies to preparing a property for rental, as well as dieting, and--come to think of it--even blogging.  Hugs.


  1. Hi Cindy,
    Just looking back and seeing how all that effort paid off! You havoc wonderful new renter! Joy to you dear sister!
    Your sister

  2. Well I gues it's not "havoc"! I just love autocorrect!


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