Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You get what you pay for...

I have three dieting friends who in as many days have said the same thing to me:  "I don't want to give up my fattening foods!"  They talk to me about how much they miss their favorite foods.  I wonder how long they will stay with their programs.  This used to be me.  I could get on a diet, but I couldn't quit thinking about wanting to eat donuts.

And consequently, I couldn't stay on the diet.

This time is different.  I truly want to change the way I eat for the rest of my life. That means giving up my eating habits from the past 56 years.  I'm trading them in for something new.  Everything has a price.  My old lifestyle purchased me an out-of-shape-overweight body.  The in-shape-normal-weight body is going to cost me, too.  It's costing learning new habits, new ways of eating, thinking and moving, and interacting with people. 

 I'm investing in a new life! 


  1. While I can't say that I WANT to give up fattening foods...I can say there are ways to modify those foods or simply enjoy just a taste of them. I LOVE enchaladas and have found a way to make them that fits into my new way of eating. I love cupcakes, donuts and Costco danishes...but really...they aren't neccesary. I have found that if I don't bring them home, I don't crave them. If I absolutely have to have something "cakey" I have a bite or two and make sure to add the points to my daily count. Like you, I've had to decide that my needs are more important than my wants. I want to be healthy and I don't need to fill my body with simple sugars. I believe that you and I are going to succeed this time! We GET it!

  2. Charla, I totally agree! It's possible to modify our favorite recipes (except, maybe, donuts) and still enjoy the flavors we love without all the extra fat and calories. AND we do GET it! I love that WW has room for us to treat ourselves once in a while so we don't feel deprived, while giving us boundaries that help keep our food lives balanced and healthy overall. Hugs!

  3. Ok, I LOVE this thought! "Everything has a price." I've spent the week studying about the Tabernacle and the High Priest. One author talked about the fact that while the scapegoat lived and carried away the sins of the Israelites, the other goat had to die for their sins. He said, "Salvation is free, but it is not cheap." Everything has a price. You are my inspiration, Cindy!

    Love you,
    Your sister


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